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Samuel McKinen


Sam McKinnons


Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

Samuel McKinen. Origin: Loyalist.

The British Crown granted Samuel McKinen/McKinnon 280 acres of Long Island land on 13 June 1789. It was bounded by the land of Helen McKinnen, Alexander Campbell Wylly and Anthony McKinney, Benjamin McKinney, and by the sea. He was granted a 10-year waiver of payment on quit rent on the land, consistent with what the British government was offering to Loyalists wishing to settle on the Bahamian Out Islands during the Post-Revolution era, 1783-1790.

McKinen/McKinnon was appointed Commissioner of Roads and Highway for the Northern district of Long Island in January, 1790. We believe that the Helen “MacKinnen” whose land grant Samuel’s bordered may have been his mother.

Note: the spelling of his surname is “McKennen” on the Tatnall map, and McKinnon in other records.

References: Parrish.

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