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Robert Holliday




Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

Robert Holliday. Origin: Loyalist.

Robert Holliday served in John Leggett’s Royal North Carolina Regiment as a private, along with Alexander Campbell. On 16 December 1788, Holliday was granted 750 acres of land on Long Island and given a 10 year waiver of quit rent. It was extremely unusual to find a private getting anywhere near as many as 750 acres, so we will explore this further.

Holliday’s granted land was bounded by the land of Dugald Forbes, Alexander Begbie, Alexander Todd (not on either historic map), and George Maycock, along with the sea. It appears to be in the Scrub Hill and Benzies areas. It should be noted that, like Begbie, Holliday’s name appears on the Tatnall map, but not the Lands & Surveys map.

Reference: LSC.

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