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Peter Dean




D-13 (280 acres, 17 Nov 1788), D-13 (500 acres, 17 Nov 1789), D-14 (200 acres, 17 Nov 1788 ), D-26 (120 acres, 22 Nov 1788), D-143 (40 acres, 7 Sep 1790)

Peter Dean. Origin: Loyalist.

Peter Dean received five land grants in the Bonacord (immediately north of Clarencetown, now the “Dean’s” settlement) area of Long Island: one grant for 120 acres was issued on 22 July 1788; a grant for 200 acres and one for 280 acres were issued on 17 November 1788. The lands were bounded by that of his other land and the sea. On 17 November 1789, he received a fourth grant of 500 acres bounded by the sea on two sides, by that of Gibson and Taylor, and by his other land. The fifth grant of 40 acres was issued on 7 September 1790 and was bounded by the land of Alexander Taylor, Peter Dean on two sides, and the sea. Peter was a very active American Loyalist once he settled in the Bahamas, including founding the Board of American Loyalists (BOL). Peter also served in the Lower House of Assembly for a period in the 1780s, and he was a notorious and brutal slave trader who ran the Vendue House in Nassau.

His grants state clearly that he was a Loyalist.

References: HB, BOL, Book A, Parrish

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