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Nathaniel Hall Esq.




D-106 (360 acres, 10 Jul 1789)

Nathaniel Hall. Origin: Loyalist.

In records prior to the close of the American Revolutionary War, we discovered that there was a Nathaniel Hall who was Paymaster for the Georgia militia, but subsequently banned from Georgia in 1783. Later, a Nathaniel Hall received a 360-acre land grant on Long Island (10 July 1789) in what is now the Morris settlement.

There is a Hall listed in the Bahamas 1719, first name unknown, and a Joseph Hall in the 1740 census (poll tax), and a John Hall in the Woodes Rogers Census. However, we were unable to find a Nathaniel Hall in Bahamian records before 1780. Therefore, we believe that the Nathaniel Hall receiving this large land grant was the Loyalist from Georgia, though we continue to look for more information.

References: LSC, JR, 1740 Census.

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