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John Randel




Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

John Randel. Origin: Loyalist

This man may have been John Randall, Captain of the John Bond Randall Company, a group of Georgia Loyalists who were commissioned on 29 May 1779. Alternatively, he might have been John Randel, a Surgeon serving in North Carolina. And finally, there was a John Randel who was born on Eleuthera 18 March 1741. Whatever his origin, John Randel received a land grant of 100 acres on Long Island in the Clarencetown area. Interestingly, his name only appears on the 1792 Tatnall map.

It is difficult to determine whether this John Randel was a Loyalist or an Old Inhabitant. For the time being, being more data, we chose to classify him as a Loyalist.

Reference: LSC, DM

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