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John Ragala


Clarencetown & Mortimers


D-78 (100 acres, 25 of unknown month 1788), D-78 (120 acres, 27 Mar 1789)

John Ragala. Origin: Loyalist

John Ragala received a grant of 100 acres in Clarencetown on 25 of ? 1788 and a grant of 120 acres in Mortimers in Long Island on 27 March 1789. The Mortimers land was bounded westerly by a salina, southerly by the land of Marmaduke Wright, and by vacant land on the other two sides.

Per his deed, Ragala was exempt from paying quit rent on his 120 acres grant for ten years, the exemption period generally given to Loyalists. Therefore, in combination with the fact that we did not identify the Ragala name in early Bahamian records, we believe that John Ragala was a Loyalist.

Reference: Grant

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