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John Denniston


Stevens, Burrows Harbour, Deans


D-2 (220 acres, 23 Dec 1788), D-95 (300 acres, 11 Dec 1789), D-5 (100 acres, 17 Dec 1788)

John Denniston. Origin: Loyalist.

John Denniston was a merchant, and presumed to be childless, as his sisters Mary and Elizabeth, British, were his heirs. He was a member of the Board of American Loyalists, and his land grants state he was a Loyalist.

Denniston received three land grants on Long Island. The 100-acre grant in the Stevens area of Long Island was issued on 17 December 1788. It was bounded by his own land, and vacant land on the other three sides. The 220-acre grant in the Deans area of LI was issued on 23 December 1788. That land was bounded north by the sea and by vacant land on all other sides. His grant of 300 acres was in the Burrows Harbor area of Long Island was issued 11 December 1789. This land was bounded by that of Alexander Taylor, vacant land, a salina, and by the sea.

References: BOL, Book A

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