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James Lane




D-115 (100 acres, 23 Jul 1789)

James Lane. Origin: Loyalist.

In Homeward Bound, James Lane is listed as a proven Loyalist from South Carolina. He was present on Abaco in 1789, and he was granted 100 acres on Long Island in the current settlement of Deals on 23 July 1789. Like other Loyalists, when the Bahamas did not prove to be a path to wealth, Lane removed to Grand Caicos by 1790.

A Private James Lane fought in Joseph Smyth’s Company of the Kings Rangers, Savannah Georgia, along with Sergeant James Clements who also received land on Long Island. Other members of the Kings Rangers who received land on Long Island were Corporal George Calveras, Captain Alexander Campbell Wylly, Private James White, and Private George Outlaw.

On 28 Dec. 1867 George Pratt was granted 20 acres of James’s Long Island land. Twenty more acres were later granted to William Rahming, and 21 acres to Mary Deal.

Reference HB App E, LSC.

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