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James Clements




D-15 (200 acres, 12 Jul 1790)

James Clements. Origin: Loyalist.

According to Riley (HB Appendix E), James Clements was an emigrant who “touched Abaco shores” during the Loyalist Period, but his loyalty was not proven. He was granted 200 acres in the Hamilton area of Long Island on 12 July 1790. Clements’ land was bounded by the land of Alexander Todd, John Dowland, Alexander Begbie, and the sea.

A James Clements was a Sergeant in the Kings Rangers, Savannah, Georgia, during the American Revolution. Other Loyalists granted land on Long Island that served in the Kings Rangers were Captain Alexander Campbell Wylly, Private James Lane, Private James White, Corporal George Calveras, and Private George Outlaw—so we made the assumption that Clements was indeed a Loyalist.

References: HB App E., LSC

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