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Elizabeth Forbes


Upper Tatnalls, Morris


Not on L&S map - Tatnall only

Elizabeth Forbes. Origin: Loyalist.

Elizabeth Green was the daughter and heir of Samuel Green, a mariner. She married Dugald Forbes, who was a merchant, Loyalist, and 23 years her senior in 1789. They had six daughters. Dugald received a grant for 400 acres in the Scrub Hill area of Long Island on 12 March 1788. This is recorded on the Lands and Surveys Map of Long Island. On the 1792 Josiah Tatnall map, however, the owner of this land is Elizabeth Forbes; we cannot prove that this was Dugald’s wife Elizabeth, nee Green, but it seems likely, as his daughter with the same name would have been a young child at that time. Since Dugald was still alive in 1792, it’s a puzzle as to why the land would have been listed in her name.

The family emigrated to Liverpool, England, in 1789 and settled in Stirling, Scotland, in 1799. Elizabeth died at Stirling on 9 April 1811.

Reference: Grant, DM. Craton

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