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Duncan Taylor




D-133 (160 acres, 5 Dec 1789)

Duncan Taylor. Origin: Loyalist.

Duncan Taylor, brother of Archibald Taylor, was a major in the British army, having come from North Carolina. He received land in Maxwell Town, Abaco, in 1788, and the next year he received a land grant of 160 acres on Long Island in the Clarencetown area on 5 December 1789. It was bounded by the land of Charles Farquharson, Jesse Goldsmith, vacant land, and a salina. Archibald and, to a lesser extent, his brother Duncan were the founders of Clarencetown, named after the Duke of Clarence. Perhaps his most “illustrious” accomplishment, however, was to be part of the ragtag group of East Florida refugees and Bahamian Loyalists Colonel Andrew Deveaux mustered to “retake” the Bahamas from the Spanish in the Spring of 1784.

Reference: LSC, HB App E.

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