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Dugald Forbes


Scrub Hill South


D-11 (400 acres, 12 Mar 1788)

Dugald Forbes. Origin: Loyalist.

Born in 1749, Dugald Forbes, a merchant of Scottish (Argyll) ancestry, arrived first in Philadelphia in 1777, then Virginia, and finally settled in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1783.

He married Elizabeth Green in Nassau in September 1789 or 1790. Elizabeth was the daughter and heir of Samuel Green, mariner, and gave Dugald six daughters. From her father, she inherited three land grants in the Town of Nassau, and Dugald Forbes himself was granted 400 acres in the Scrub Hill South area of Long Island on 12 March 1788, which was later described as belonging to his wife, Elizabeth. He most likely did not live fulltime on his Long Island plantation, “Culmer’s Cliff,” as he was a successful merchant with his business partner James Stephens of Forbes & Stevens in Nassau. His grant states that he was a Loyalist.

By 1799, the family had sold their holdings in the Bahamas and moved to Scotland. Dugald died 1 January 1820 at Stirling, Scotland.

On the map created by Josiah Tatnall in 1792, this land is shown as granted to Elizabeth Forbes.

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