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(American) Loyalist

Many individuals did, in fact, arrive on Long Island as a result of having been virtually evicted from the new country to the North. They moved successfully south as each colony became the site of a losing battle for the British forces, eventually arriving at a large strip of land called “East Florida” by 1782. Most of them fled from their final refuge in East Florida after the Spanish received that land (briefly, from 1782-1783), though some also arrived from places like New York and Philadelphia. These people were Americans by Geography, but had sworn Oaths of Loyalty to the British Crown (as had Bahamians, Antiguans, East Floridians, Jamaicans, New Yorkers, and all other British citizens)—so we decided that it is more appropriate to call them “American Loyalists,” rather than simply “Loyalists.”


Name: Settlement

John Anderson: Gordons, Deals, Old Grays, Andersons

James Armbrister: Lower Tatnalls

Alexander Begbie: Hamilton

George Braker: Miley

John Buckley: Buckley

George Calveras (Calveres): Pettys

Archibald Campbell: Burrows Harbour

James Clements: Hamilton

Sylvester Crispin: Berrys

Hugh Dean: Roses & Berrys

Peter Dean: Bonacord

John Denniston: Stevens, Burrows Harbour, Deans

Andrew Deveaux: Bains

John Dowland: Hamilton

Donald Ferguson: Roses

Dugald Forbes: Scrub Hill South

Elizabeth Forbes: Upper Tatnalls, Morris

James Ford: Burrows Harbour

Thomas Foster: Cabbage Point

Anthony Friar: Mortimers

Alexander Gibson: Clarencetown

John Gibson: Clarencetown, Old Grays & Miley

Henry Glenton (Glinton): Glintons & Burnt Ground

Jesse Goldsmith: Clarencetown

James Gordon: Gordons

George Gray: Grays

Nathaniel Hall Esq.: Morris

John Hogan: Roses

John Holland (Halland): Miley

Robert Holliday (Halliday): Benzies

Alexander Johnston (Johnson): Grays

Lewis Johnston Jr.: Grays, Mortimers & New Found Harbour Islands

Mark Kersey (Kersay): Grays

James Lane: Deals

Robert Learmont: Clarencetown

Helen MacKinnen (MacKinen, McKinnon, McKinen, McKennen): Wemyss

William McAlpine: Miley

Brig. Gen. Archibald McArthur: Fords

Daniel McCann: McKanns

Alexander McDonald: Burrows Harbour

Samuel McKinen (MacKinnen, McKinnon): Sam McKinnons

George McKenzie: Morris

Samuel McKinen

William McLeod: Turnbull

George Millar: Whitehouse & Millers

John Morris (Morrice): Morris

Hannah Motte (Mott): Indian Hole Point

George Outlaw: Upper East Channel Cay

James Pemberton: Clarencetown

John Ragala: Clarencetown & Mortimers

John Randel (Randall): Clarencetown

Thomas Roker : Stella Maris

Samuel Roworth: Mortimers

James Stevens: Scrub Hill South

Alexander Stewart (Stuart): Thompson Bay

John Martin Struder: Miley

Josiah Tatnall: Upper Tatnalls, Oneils-Scrub Hill, Doctors Creek

Alexander C. Taylor: Turnbull, Burrows Harbour, Deans

Archibald Taylor: Clarencetown & Miley

Duncan Taylor: Clarencetown

Walter Turnbull: Stevens

James White: Mortimers

John Wood: Grays

Alexander C. Wylly: Gordons, Wemyss, Whitehouse

Susannah Wylly: Grays

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